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Will Chernoff (Rhythm Changes)

"What makes a jazz album heavy? I still don't know. It's definitely the right word for this kind of listening, but it's hard to pin down. It's one of those words that, as Karl suggests, means multiple things at once.

And with this project, Karl is going for it; he wrote every tune on the album and plays excellent trombone throughout. Kudos to Karl and his band for making such a fully-formed debut statement, one that made me think and smile all the way. At the same time."


Dan McClenaghan – All About Jazz

“… he has come up with a beautiful and distinctive group sound… The curse of many debut recordings—wavering focus and lack of continuity of mood and sound—are avoided via Silveira always engaging and unorthodox compositional style and his superb arrangements… a polished, remarkable, superbly-played jazz sound coming out of Toronto.” 


Ron Schepper (Textura)

Silveira's considered approach results in a style of jazz that's often chamber-like in its sophistication. While there's no shortage of energy to the performances, A Porta Aperta is no incendiary blowing session. The tracks are compact statements that never overstay their welcome, and the focus is on refined ensemble playing with solo spots judiciously woven into the writing. It's a recording, in other words, where polyphony, counterpoint, and ensemble colour are as important as individual expression. Interestingly, the album title accommodates two diametrically opposed meanings: in Latin, it means “the open door,” in Portuguese, “the door squeezes.” Despite the fact that Portuguese is Silveira's first language, it's the Latin definition that applies most when A Porta Aperta registers as the sound of a musical career and identity opening wide."

Karl Silveira - A PORTA APERTA

Karl Silveira's Debut Album Featuring

KS - Trombone and Compositions
Allison Au - Alto Saxophone
David French - Tenor Saxophone
Dan Fortin - Upright Bass
Nico Dann - Drums

Recorded at Union Sound Company in Toronto

Engineering/Mixing by David Hermiston

Mastering by Joao Carvalho

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